TOURISM 10 Top Things to See and Do in Cross River State

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Cross River is one of the few states in Nigeria that are tourism-conscious.
When visiting Cross River, there are many things to look forward to doing and seeing. Here are a few.

1. Agbokim Waterfalls
Agbokim falls is one of the top destinations in Nigeria for adventurers chasing waterfalls. Located about 17km from Ikom and 315km from Calabar, Agbokim Waterfalls is close to the Nigeria-Cameroon border. It has seven streams, each cascading over steep cliff which provides seven-faced falls

2. Kwa Falls

Kwa Falls is another spectacular waterfall located in a narrow, steep gorge on the headwaters of Kwa. Kwa Falls is located in the Oban division of the Cross River National Park. It is characterised by a staircase of 234 steps from the top to bottom. You can also visit the nearby Kwa River Sand Beach.
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